What keeps you going?

The Quit Book

Okay, so I’m going to be candid.  I have a ‘quit book.’  It is a little green journal that a student gave me years ago.  In the last week of each semester, I set the book out in my classroom and tell the students the truth.  I tell them that I love my job but that there are times when I consider running out the door.  I explain that my job can be emotionally taxing and that sometimes I get frustrated with parts of the profession they don’t necessarily see.  I tell them sometimes peripheral aspects of the job of teaching cloud what is really important, my students.  I tell this because it is the truth.  A few times a year I have a bad day and on those days, I spend my planning period reading my Quit Book.   Over the years it has been filled with pictures, drawings, notes of encouragement, and some very funny jokes.

Here is one I found the other day that I have never read before.


The post-script alone is enough to make your head spin! I once was posed by this student with, “Mr. Culver, what is the meaning of life?”  I think I applied correctly when I answer with, “Why does the flower grow?”  It looks like she figured it out.

I read this and I remember the gravity of my chosen profession.  I become aware again and again of how much good I can do in the world.  I read this and I get to bed early because tomorrow, tomorrow I’m going back for more.

What messages keep you going?

2 Comments on “What keeps you going?

  1. Hey, this is great! I have to admit, I do not have enough emotional courage to let my students know that I have hard days (because I have a hard time admitting my emotions to myself, something I’m working on). This would be really inspirational, but I’ll be honest and say that I just don’t know if I can muster up the courage.

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    • I know, I know. The vulnerability is real! We got over that hump by remembering to see ourselves as role models. In that aspect of our sacred profession, reality is a must. The students will have bad days and emotional challenges and we can aid their successes by showing them how to overcome, how to push through, and how to be vulnerable, and, most importantly, how to reach out for help. Keep up the good fight!


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