EDTech You Should Be Using #1


If you like Kahoot, then you are going to love Quizziz.com. Quizziz is an interactive online assessment tool that provides teachers and students with instant feedback. Teachers can create their own assessments or use one of the thousands already created by other educators. Quizziz is not only a great tool for the whole class, but it can also be used as a self-paced quiz. When students complete the self-paced homework quizzes, teacher are provided with individualized feedback on student performance (Something Kahoot does not do). Personally, I’m a Quizzizer (Not a real thing, but will be when everyone starts using it), the tool provides instant feedback and displays engaging memes after each question.  What’s not to love about it. Give it a try and become a Quizzer with me.

Let us know your thoughts!!!

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