Lesson Plans Are Boring

Over the last couple of months I have been changing the way I describe the activities that take place in the classroom. Instead of using the term lesson plan I now say learning experience. There are many reasons for why I’ve decided to make the change, but here are a few of my favorite:

  • Learning experience last forever, a lesson last for one period.
  • Learning experience happen with students, lesson plans happen to students.
  • Learning experiences influence the future, lesson plans come and go.
  • Learning experiences are why students love learning, lesson plans are why students dislike school.
  • Learning experiences are all active, lesson plans can be passive.
  • Learning experiences transcend the classroom, lesson plans happen in the classroom.
  • Learning experiences integrate multiple disciplines, lesson plans focus on one discipline.
  • Learning experiences develop cross-curricular skills, lesson plans develop content specific skills.

It is my hope that you’ll add to our list and help start the movement to replace lesson plans with learning experiences! #DoItForYourStudents

What would you add? Leave a comment.

2 Comments on “Lesson Plans Are Boring

  1. Great ideas; inspiring.
    An experience effects change; whereas a lesson just adds to the memory bank. Came up with this as I looked back at my life. What influenced me the most? Certain people helped me develop into who I am, but mostly, trials and successes. Things that I have “experienced” forged the person writing this.


    • This is a huge addition. Love it! That’s exactly where the idea of learning experiences came from. The memories of our past that still have an impact on us today. Thanks for reading.


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