EDTech You Should Be Using #5

Okay, this might not be a technology, but it’s a great way to create a strong blended learning environment!

As we implement more and more technology into the classroom, we should begin to consider different models that allow us to successfully establish a blended learning environment.  Blended learning combines traditional face to face instruction with a digital component. The station rotation model is a prime example of blended learning. The model allows students to work in small groups to complete various assignments focused on the lesson objectives.  Below is an example of what a four-station rotation activity might look like:


  • Station 1:  Students record a step by step math tutorial.

  • Station 2:  Students compete in a Kahoot.

  • Station 3:  Students conduct an error analysis of incorrect responses to math problems.

  • Station 4:  Students work with the teacher to reinforce the concept.


Each group of students would spend 10 minutes at each station completing the assigned task.  As you can see, the station rotation model allows the teacher to blend online learning with a more personal face to face learning experience.  Additionally, this is a great way to differentiate the learning activities and provide support to small groups of students. Not only does station rotation help you meet all of your learners’ needs, but it also provides students with multiple activities that reinforce the learning objectives.  Give the station rotation model a try and see for yourself the impact it has on student achievement.

We think that this is one of the best ways to implement technology into the classroom and deliver content to students. What are your thoughts?

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