EDTech You Should Be Using #6 (The Twilight Zone?)

Skype in the Classroom:

(Cue the Twilight Zone Music) There is a 9th period beyond that which is known to teachers. It is a period as vast as Smarter Testing and as timeless as Mandatory Training. It is the middle ground between traditional and online learning, between independent and collaborative work, and it lies in between the pit of teacher’s fears and the summit of authentic learning experiences. This is the period of transformation. It is an area which we call Skype in the Classroom.

Ya, that sounded way too serious. Nothing about Skype in the Classroom should be scary. If anything, it should remind you of Disney World, because it is just that magical. It is a magical tool that will provide your students with an authentic learning experience similar to a field trip without the headache of collecting money. Skype in the Classroom is a free service that offers live authentic experiences that include Virtual Field Trips, conversations with expert speakers, classroom connections, and live collaborative projects. Don’t view this as The Twilight Zone, it’s very simple to set up and will leave a lasting impact on your students. Take a risk and visit the 9th period (not a real thing, but an experience that will certainly transcend the regular school day)!

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